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Advantages of Leasing over Buying:


Low Monthly Payments

Pay convenient monthly payments as you earn profits by use of the  equipment, increasing your return on investment and meeting your budgetary obligations.


Preserves Capital

Rather than spending the equipment amount, keep your money in the  business for emergencies, slow times, expansion, cash flow, etc.


Taxable Benefits

Lease payments may be fully deductible business expense. 


Retain Borrowing Power

By leasing your equipment through Mayo, you do not affect your future  or current ability to borrow from your own bank. Equipment leasing  conserves your lines of credit and loans for other expenditures.


Limited Security and Disclosure

Leasing maintains only a security interest in the equipment on lease  and has limited disclosure. Banks take a security interest on all of  your company's assets and require detailed financial disclosure of your  business and personal information.


Improved Cash Flow

Equipment leasing improves cash flow with no large capital outlay.

Reduce Long-Term Debt

Carry a fixed term payment stream to guarantee paying the equipment  in full in the most efficient timeline possible as opposed to dragging  on a loan over an extended period of time. Enjoy the security of a fixed  rate.


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